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Number 1 Songs for 1966

To find out who was reigning supreme on the Official Singles Chart on your 14 th birthday, simply enter your date of birth in our Official Chart archive. Delighted or extremely troubled by the result? Tell us in the comments below. You can also find out on our page that lists every Official Number 1 single ever , going back to Just for fun, we punched in the 14th birthdays of some music stars to see which song supposedly defines them best. Of course a total banger, and Number 1 for over ten weeks - representing two of the UK's biggest artists. View privacy policy.

By Rob Copsey Twitter. Listen here to the podcast. Want to read more humour texts on how to understand the Norwegians?

How Common is YOUR Birthday? Chart Shows Most & Least Common Birthdays

Check out my book here! Oh my god. Thanks to this post, I just made my Norwegian husband sing the lyrics to me slowly, repeatedly until I got it. I had never bothered to look up the lyrics before, like the responsible immigrant that I am. They really should make us learn this song in norskkurs. What the hell did I take all those classes for? Anyway, thanks so much for making me feel like less of an inept human for not knowing the Norwegian birthday song already.

I shall sleep soundly tonight. I am so glad to have found this comment. I was looking around to see if there could be some interest if I wanted to create a youtube video on this song, and now I know. I will make that and upload it on my channel! HI Lene, great to see that you are inspired by my blogpost! Please do refer to my work with the name of my blog and of the article when you make your video, and we might even be able to make one together one day.

Best wishes, Lorelou aka A Frog in the Fjord. Then again, maybe you should try with Polish Birthday songs, they could go on with hours.

26 Songs You Should Add To Your B'day Playlist

I learned the song by, well, listening to others sing, not like I was taught this song or the moves. Very interesting observation! Ha ha, funny. The basic tune is traditional Norwegian. Taa, ta-taa.

The basic tune quint? Hahahaa, exactly!!!! Thanks, I enjoyed this post a lot!.

I am one of the few who actually knows both of the verses. In school we always sang both, and on the second verse the birthdaygirl- or boy got to choose a friend to dance with. To add insult to injury — the last stanzas of the two verses transcribed in the post are not part of the original lyrics.

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People just feel that the original verses leave something that should be added. Oh, I laughed so hard right now.

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We all have to know the second verse for those four parties a year:. Margrethe Munthe was a great reformist in the Norwegian schools and her educational songs was ment to teach children good maners without the use of a cane. Her belief was that song and movement should be a part of the school day. Thank you marvellous reading. I am laughing into tears. I grew up in a family always singing both verses, and we still do, and I thought it was so nice to sing both verses that I in my choirs I work as a choral conductor always sing two verses when somebody has a birthday!

The song was originally written in by Margrethe Munthe, a famous Norwegian child song writer. Hurra for dig som fylder dit aar!

What was the No.1 song on the day you were born? Enter your date of birth and listen to it!

It is designed to calculate the birth date when the age at death and the date of death are the only facts known. Michelle January 25, at pm Reply. Also understand that this is a basic look at the Birth Day number. So take this as an opportunity for more speaking practice! Only Human. Even Though I'm Leaving.

Ja dig vil vi gratulere! Sig mig saa, hvad vil du mere! Ja, nu vil vi rigtig feste! Dagen er din, og dagen er bra, men du er den allerbedste! Se dig om i ringen, hvem du vil ta! La oss feire! Ja, no vil vi retteleg feste!

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Dans ein liten dans med den du helst vil ha! Lihkku beivvin dutnje Lihkku beivvin dutnje Lihkku beivvin rahkis name of the child Lihkku beivvin dutnje. This is sooo true. I love this. And for the record, when my family are celebrating birthdays we use both verses.